Sometimes guests are inspired to write poetry when they stay in the Garden Studio...
goddess of the sun,
the moon and the stars

Her copper green gaze
across her damp empire

the explosion of pink rhododendrons
against a bank of ancient stained-glass windows
from Rotterdam

and the craigy old apple and its companions of pear
and weeping willow

An old wreck of a house
piece by piece lovingly reinvigorated,
reclaimed, resparkled
back to a treasure on Kingston Street

Gleaming sunny oak floors
high ceilings and the puzzle of modern Art
to go with the pleasure of the early morning coffee

Maestro, watching,
belly in the air,
ready for any momentary affection

I'm here,
I rule this warm house
and share the damp haunts of backyard with Elena

Waiting for Gertrude and her other souls
Keith McLaughlin
Victoria Bed and Breakfast Lodging Downtown